Here Are 4 Top E-Commerce Platforms You Can Use To Sell On Facebook

Selling on Facebook is becoming a butter-toast that every entrepreneur is salivating to have on their table. With the market potential of 2 billion active users and being the second largest online market after search engine, a meaningful entrepreneur cannot be reluctant to utilize its power. Also, e-commerce platforms are seeking to leverage the power of Facebook. Each of them is using Facebook integration to woo sellers on their side.

Shopify shop

As an upcoming webpreneur, you may be having a desire to sell your products through Facebook. However, you want to operate it through an e-commerce platform. The challenge is you are not aware of platforms with this ability and how much they charge for the package. If this is your current case, here are the top four e-commerce platforms you can use to sell on Facebook:


As a leading and the most innovative e-commerce solution, Shopify enables customers to drive sales by creating a Facebook store. Shopify offers a plan known as Shopify Lite. This plan allows a seller to build a Shopify store on Facebook and start selling at the cost of $9 per month. The best side of this plan is the extensive product listing. With it, you do not have a limitation on the number of products you can sell in your store. Also, you have an opportunity to upgrade to a full Shopify shop plan starting at $29.  


If Shopify is not your brand, you can turn to Ecwind. This e-commerce platform allows you to sell on your Facebook shop for free.  Indeed, sounds excellent for entrepreneurs with limited resources and cannot raise $9 for the Shopify option. However, it is only suitable for sellers with finite products. The free option allows you to list ten products. Beyond this limit, you will be paying $15 per month.  Despite this, it is a good option for startups and upcoming businesses. Such ventures do not have large sales volumes. Also, you can upgrade to better packages or move to a new platform when your business expands beyond ten products.


Do you hate paying monthly charges, yet you are selling on Facebook? If yes, you can consider Spreesy. Spreesy is a top-ranking e-commerce platform. The platform enables you to sell on Facebook at a zero cost. Also, you do not pay any monthly fees and no limitation on the number of products you can list. Isn’t that a good idea? With it, you can maximize your sales levels through Facebook. However, you do not take the entire profit with you. Spreesy takes 3% as a commission for each sale you make. It can be a bad idea for people willing to enjoy the whole loaf of their sweat. Despite this, it is a good option as you only pay the cost for what you gain, unlike other platforms where you incur monthly charges regardless of whether you made a sale or not.


BigCommerce is another giant in the e-commerce sector. If you are in love with it, you do not need to panic when you hear selling on Facebook. Like its counterparts, BigCommerce enables you to sell products through your Facebook Shop. If you have a BigCommerce store, you can connect it with a Facebook shop at no additional cost. Also, customers have access to all the products you list on your page and can share them with their peer



In a word, your e-commerce platform is not a limitation to selling products on Facebook. If you do not prefer Shopify, you can use Spreesy.  Also, if BigCommerce sounds awkward to you, you can turn to Ecwind. Hence, selling on Facebook is possible regardless of your preferred e-commerce solution.