How to integrate Shopify with Facebook: a basic guide

We will use this blog post to explain how to integrate Shopify with Facebook. One of the things that can are a deal breaker or a deal maker for online stores using Shopify is the level of convenience it provides to clients in terms of accessibility. Of course, the quality of visitors plays an important role too. That’s why it’s a good idea for online sellers to use the help of social media platforms like Facebook to boost their sales. So, the most important question here is to explain the process of integration between Shopify and Facebook.

First and foremost, you have to create a Shopify store. Visit their official site and sign up for an account. Our advice is to use their 14-day free trial offer. Setting up a store via Shopify is easy and in case you get stuck don’t forget that they have many guides, blogs, and articles as well as customer support that can help you overcome your problems.

The next step in this process is to add products to your offer. You must create products on Shopify in order to add them on Facebook or other platforms later. In other words, you need product information and the best thing is to add detailed and precise info. Remember that you can always edit the details about the description.

The third step is to add the Facebook sales channel. For starters, you must check whether you can sell on Facebook or not. In most cases, you won’t have any problems selling Things on Facebook, but it’s good to make sure that everything is alright. After that, you will have to build a business page on Facebook. You just need to use the same name for consistency and add basic information about your business. Finally, you must agree to Facebook’s policies and standards. To add the abovementioned sales channel, you must use your Shopify admin panel. You should look for the Add sales channel tab where you can see Facebook and a few other platforms like BuzzFeed, Amazon, and Kik.

While we are talking about this integration, it’s worth mentioning that reading Facebook’s sales policy is another smart thing to do because you don’t want-to end up in a conflict with Facebook. Finally, add the unique Facebook tracking pixel in order to optimize your activities on your Shopify-powered Facebook store.

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