What does it take to start selling on Facebook with Shopify?

Shopify is a popular Canadian-based eCommerce platform that lets people build their own shops. Now, thanks to the changes made on Facebook, people can start selling on Facebook with Shopify. In case you still don’t have an online business and you are not sure what you should start selling, you should know that things like music, artwork, footwear, clothes, jewelry and other things are quite popular among Facebook users. You can sell your own products or resell other people’s and brands’ products.

In order to build an online store with the help of Shopify, you will have to pay at least $15 a month for the services that will let you create and manage your online store. But, the situation is different when you are using Shopify store via Facebook. The cost is much lower which is more than acceptable for new sellers. If you decide to use this option, you can expect 1 GB file storage, a chance to offer an unlimited number of products and very low credit card fees per transaction.

Users can also get a free 14-day trial period and they cancel this at any moment. This is a good opportunity to test the abilities of this platform. Now let’s focus on Facebook Shopify store. The Facebook Shopify shop is specific and different than regular pages on Facebook because only people that have liked your page are able to see the offer found in your store. Shop owners are free to pick a banner and select a scheme for the columns. The items you have can be displayed in specially designed collections which will present the best products at the moment.

What’s great is that Shopify lets you select from a wide array of payment gateways. This means you should find the right payment method for you easily. Even if you don’t want to manage the shipping activities, Facebook and Shopify have a solution for you. Shopify is partnered with Fulfillment by Amazon, Webgistix and Shipwire. You can use these platforms for shipping purposes. In addition, Shopify is offering many applications that can make your business operation easier.

So, all you have to start selling on Facebook with Shopify is to create an account on Shopify, build a Facebook page and integrate Shopify with your Facebook page by using the administrator panel on Shopify.


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